‘Ble mae’ch gweledigaeth?’ – Leanne Wood yn herio’r Prif Weinidog ar fethiant arweinyddiaeth yn sgil Brexit

The First Minister has so far failed to provide a comprehensive, detailed, inspiring vision for post-Brexit Wales, according to Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood.

During FMQs in the Senedd she challenged him to up his game and show the leadership that Wales so desperately requires.

“Fighting for what we’ve already got in terms of funding isn’t sufficient,” she said.

“It can only be a bare minimum.

“Where is your vision for what a new Wales could look like?”

She also called on him to clarify his stance on whether or not he supported Wales remaining a member of the Single Market, rathen than just having access.

He appeared to indicate that he did support membership, although he then muddied the waters once more by saying that he has always supported Single Market “access”, which is not the same as membership and is a term with no defined meaning.

Leanne Wood also asked the FM to explain why his Labour colleagues in Westminster failed to support establishing a separate Welsh legal jurisdiction, even though this is the policy of the Labour Welsh Government.

He replied that “what happens in Westminster, happens in Westminster”, which appeared to confirm suspicions that he has no influence over his party or even Welsh Labour MPs.

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